Tango on the Bay – Layers of Tango Course

The Layers of Tango is a 10-week course ideal for people NEW to learning tango and dancers returning to tango who are keen to refine and build on their technique.
The 5th and 10th week is a supervised Social Practica to practise what we have been learning and to start getting comfortable with the code of dancing in a milonga.

Pre-requisites: No dance experience needed. Two left feet are more than welcome!

Bookings & Information
Please call Meg on 0419 826 061 to enrol or answer any questions.
Course Fees

Level 1 Layers of Tango Course

7 pm – 7.45 pm

Ten-week course $215/ $185

(non-member rate $235 / $205 concession)

Casual $22pw / $19pw concession

(non-member rate $25 / $23)

Become a social member of Tango on The Bay and save on events.

Annual Membership is $25 per year, offering discounted Rates on events run by TOTB.


Blue Moon Milonga with TDJ Elena

Once in a blue moon, something rare occurs…
A new space…A new vibe…A new encounter…
Join us for a special pop-up experience, the Blue Moon Milonga, held in the Bluestone Art Space, a unique 19th-century heritage building located in Footscray.
This epic event will feature an Apilado Workshop by Baz & Tash from Tango Touch before the milonga with music by TDJ Elena Zaléz.
Wear a bit of blue to merge into the mystical mood and open yourself to the tango possibilities.
Sunday, July 30
5.45pm – 7.00pm Apilado Workshop – Baz & Tash
7.00pm -11.00pm Blue Moon Milonga with DJ Elena
8A Hyde St, Footscray
– 400m from Footscray Station
Dress code: A Bit of Blue
BYO: Drinks and snacks
Workshop $20 | $15 MST members
Milonga $20 | $15 MST members
Pay at the door
Note: Blue Moon Milonga will replace Milonga Elegante @ Buxton Hall this month.
Brought to you by
Melbourne Social Tango
– Connecting the tango community –
The venue is an 18th-century heritage listed building, with a magnificent high-trussed roof and a fantastic floor. It is located 400m from Footscray Railway Station, with well-lit pedestrian access. Parking is plentiful behind the venue.
ABOUT APILADO WORKSHOP – Leaning into Connection
Join Barry Arnold and Natasha Eracleous (aka Baz & Tash) from Tango Touch as they dive into the dynamics of Apilado.
Apilado dynamics are movements where the dance couple enter, sustain and ultimately exit a shared axis. The couple lean into each other, counter-balancing and connected through an exquisite moving stillness. The style of apilado taught in the workshop has its roots in the lineage of Carlos Gavito.
Tash & Baz teach weekly in Bundoora and are on a continuous journey of merging new and old styles and dynamics. They invite you to join them in experiencing a sublime way of connecting in Tango.

Bayside Tango School

Start on July 28 at 7 pm at the Highett Neighbourhood Community Centre (Bayside area)

–  Duration of the class is 1.5 hours (7 pm-8.30 pm)

–  Address 2 Livingston St, Highett

Level: Introductory/Beginner

Cost: $85 for five weeks pre-paid ( $17 per day) or $25 for a single class

Contact details: 0408 422 281



FB: Bayside Tango School


Leaders Technique Class 2 with Fabio and Nadim

Leaders, get your shoes ready one more time!

By popular demand, the second class of Leaders Technique Workshop by Fabio Robles and Nadim Sawaya will be held on Friday, 16th June 7:30-8:30pm.

Venue will be at 15 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne. The workshop will be followed by Fabio’s Milonga until late.

Tango Touch Argentine Tango Classes

Tango Touch is Melbourne’s newest Argentine Tango school, ready to equip you with a unique language of dance to connect and converse in a whole new way.

Targeting beginners currently but can accommodate intermediates if they turn up!

We start at 7 pm to add a half hour of value to our classes. We will be working on the tango technique: walking, contra-body, pivoting, circularity and building as we go!
Biomechanical integrity in bodily structure and movement is foundational to internal somatic flow and well-being. With this as our fundamental intention, let’s refine, find nuance and finesse in our way of ‘being-in-body’.
7-7:30 technique
7:30-8:30 dynamic
8:30-9 pm practica
Cost: $25pp


Leader’s Technique with Nadim and Fabio

Welcome to Fabio Robles and Nadim Sawaya’s Leader’s Technique workshop!
With many years of tango under their (tango) belts and having studied extensively with some of the world’s greatest dancers, we are very excited to share some of our training techniques with new and experienced leaders.
This workshop is designed to help leaders enhance their connection, improve their communication with followers, and gain a deeper understanding of the musicality and dynamics of tango.
The class focuses on a range of topics, including:
1. Connection: Leaders learn to establish and maintain a strong connection with their partners through proper embrace and body contact. They explore ways to communicate their intentions clearly and effectively, using subtle signals and body language.
2. Leading Techniques: Leaders work on refining their leading techniques, including the use of body weight, subtle shifts in posture, and precise footwork. They learn to initiate and guide movements, such as walking, ochos, turns, and embellishments.
Throughout the class, participants engage in partner exercises and drills to practice the techniques being taught. In addition, they rotate partners regularly to experience dancing with different followers, which helps leaders adapt to various styles and improve their overall leading skills.
This workshop suits anyone interested in learning to lead or going deeper into their technique. We want to cultivate a sense of artistry, sensitivity, and connection between leaders and their dance partners, ultimately enhancing your overall tango experience. — feeling excited.

MST TANGO TASTER with Tango LOVE Melbourne

Tango LOVE Melbourne (Elena and Tom) will delve into the art of Milonguero-style tango, focusing on finding freedom within confined spaces. They will explore techniques that allow dancers to move gracefully, turn, and exchange positions with their partners in crowded milongas. Additionally, they will bring tools to learn how to anticipate timing, control movements, and master the art of stopping without truly stopping – just like the phrasing in singing.

Elena and Tom met through tango in 2006 in Buenos Aires; over the years they learned the importance of freedom at the moment of improvising in a social space. They started teaching in 2009 while living in Europe, organising milongas and practicas to change roles as part of the learning process. Elena took up dancing at 21 years of age, studying in Buenos Aires at the Instituto Universitario National of Art and the “Universidad del Tango”, plunging herself in the heart of tango: the milongas. Tom started dancing tango in Berlin, but soon Buenos Aires was his place, where he explored and immersed himself in the dance and culture surrounding tango.

Partners in tango and life, Elena and Tom have made Melbourne their home and after a parenthood break, they are teaching again through their new venture ‘Tango LOVE Melbourne’.

Contact: tango.poets@gmail.com or 0468 383 622

Classes Mondays 7.00 to 8:30pm at Schoolhouse Studios 28 Victoria St, Coburg.

PRACTICA: 4.00-6.00 pm – Continue your learning at the practica.


Gippsland Tango Group Class

EVERY Wednesday evening 🎵🎶
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Where: St David’s Uniting Church Hall,
9 Campbell St,
We dance for many reasons, but most of all, because we can🥰
Wednesday night is your night to learn Argentine Tango in the friendly, fun group for gentle exercise and socialisation.
All inclusive with no partner required.
No previous experience necessary 🙂

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