Tango Esencia with Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa

Tango Esencia is very excited to announce that Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa will be coming to Tango Esencia in September! 🎉👯‍♀️✨
Hosted by Tango Esencia in Melbourne and Morena Dancewear in Sydney, renowned World Tango Champions Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa will be coming to Australia on an exclusive tour conducting workshops, private lessons and spectacular performances.

Leader’s Technique with Nadim and Fabio

Welcome to Fabio Robles and Nadim Sawaya’s Leader’s Technique workshop!
With many years of tango under their (tango) belts and having studied extensively with some of the world’s greatest dancers, we are very excited to share some of our training techniques with new and experienced leaders.
This workshop is designed to help leaders enhance their connection, improve their communication with followers, and gain a deeper understanding of the musicality and dynamics of tango.
The class focuses on a range of topics, including:
1. Connection: Leaders learn to establish and maintain a strong connection with their partners through proper embrace and body contact. They explore ways to communicate their intentions clearly and effectively, using subtle signals and body language.
2. Leading Techniques: Leaders work on refining their leading techniques, including the use of body weight, subtle shifts in posture, and precise footwork. They learn to initiate and guide movements, such as walking, ochos, turns, and embellishments.
Throughout the class, participants engage in partner exercises and drills to practice the techniques being taught. In addition, they rotate partners regularly to experience dancing with different followers, which helps leaders adapt to various styles and improve their overall leading skills.
This workshop suits anyone interested in learning to lead or going deeper into their technique. We want to cultivate a sense of artistry, sensitivity, and connection between leaders and their dance partners, ultimately enhancing your overall tango experience. — feeling excited.

Tango Esencia with Cecilia Gonzales & Luciano Bastos

Cecilia Gonzalez and Luciano Bastos are arriving at Tango Esencia from 12 April to 18 April.
Registrations are now open for workshops, so don’t miss this opportunity to book your spot and join us for their Welcome Milonga and Gala Milonga 🌺✨
Program details can be seen on Tango Esencia Page, and you can register by emailing info.tangoesencia.com.au
We look forward to a great week of learning and dancing with everyone!

Tango Esencia Tango Lab

Weekly on Thursdays –
Esencia Tango Lab Program (fundamentals class & assisted practica) presented by the Tango Esencia Team.
Esencia Tango Lab Program for progressive fast-track training
Tango Lab Fundamentals Class7p m-7:45 pm
Assisted practica 7:45 pm-10 pm
Thursday program (Class & Practica) $25
Practica only $15

Tango Esencia Bario de Tango Milonga

Our monthly 3rd Saturday Milonga is here! Please join us for a great night of dancing.

Bar Esencia will be open on the night for you to purchase your favourite drinks.

We look forward to welcoming you on the night and having a great evening with you.

As always, please do not attend if unwell so that we can safely continue dancing.


Milonga Chiqué

Our Milonga under the new name of Milonga Chiqué

Doors open at 7 pm

Entry $20 (nibbles included)
Bar Esencia will be open for you to purchase your favorite drinks.

Australia Day Afternoon Milonga – Tango Esencia

Join us at Tango Esencia for a wonderful afternoon of dancing on a public holiday!
Thursday, 26th January
12noon – 4pm
DJ Nelson (courtesy of David Backler from Sidewalk Tango)
$20 entry -light lunch included
Bar Esencia will be open for you to purchase your favorite drinks
We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Australia Day Afternoon Milonga on 26th January 12noon-4pm 💃

Tango Esencia Milonga

Bar Esencia will be open for you to purchase drinks and snacks to keep you energized through the night! 🍸🍷🍹
Please do not attend if unwell so that we can keep on dancing.
Team Esencia
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