Followers Technique with Marce and Rina

Rina and Marce will guide you through posture, balance, alignment and strengthening exercises in the first part of the class. We will share some great exercises to create and maintain a dancer’s body.
In the main body of the workshop, we will use the work we did and apply it in forward and back ochos, such as the transfer of weight and how we can dance the ochos with style, grace and confidence.
Then, we will discuss how to “dance it”- to suggest and express differently according to the music.
We will also work on some beautiful embellishments to continue practising at home so that you can comfortably apply the work we did in socials.

Workshop schedule for Rodrigo Fonti visit to Melbourne 2023 with Fabio Robles


Maestro Rodrigo Fonti is coming to town.

25th to 29th October.

Tango workshops on Friday, the 27th, Saturday, the 28th and Sunday, the 29th, and an exceptional performance at Fabs Milonga on Friday, the 27th.
In conjunction with Melbourne Tango Circuit,

Cost $45 per Workshop or
$160 for four workshops.

Advanced/Pro workshop on Friday is by invitation only.
Limited private lessons are available.
Please feel free to inbox me if you need more details.
Tickets will be available on Friday 22nd September @

Friday 27th 


Suspension, pause and propulsion in the movement, movements out of axis, share axis and minimal colgadas.

Saturday 28th 


Combine milonga lisa with Milonga traspie. Emphasise musicality characterises the milonga from a more theatrical view inspired by the music.

Saturday 28th


Giros and change of direction. Val’s cadence, musical interpretation and resolution of musical phrases.

Sunday 29th


How to share my dance with my partner. (1) what I listen to, (2) what I want to lead, (3) what I finally dance.

How to use the points of contact in the embrace in relation to the floor (gravity)

to find fluidity in the dance.

Sunday 29th

4.30 pm: MOTHER TURN

The giro and its possibilities are the basis of all tango steps; all combinations begin there. There are many ways to do it: experience all possibilities, proceeds, follows and resolutions.



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