Tango Musicality

This tango workshop is designed to enhance the sense of connection to the music and your partner. We will mainly focus on using contrasting elements in the movement to achieve this.
Rest assured, there won’t be any counting involved in this workshop! We believe in creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.
This workshop is tailored for those with a solid foundation in tango, not for beginners. By ‘experienced ‘, we mean individuals who have been regular attendees (or used to be) of milongas.
Date: Sunday 30 June, 1.30-3 pm

Venue: Tango Esencia Studio, 327 Swan St Richmond

Cost: $25 per person / $15 Students—cash or bank transfer.
We booked the venue until 4 pm, so you can stay and keep practising.
Booking with a partner is preferred but optional. If I know who’s coming, I will do my best to balance leaders and followers.
Book/Inquire by contacting me here on Facebook or at jarny.choi@gmail.com
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