Robles Pop Up milonga

With Fabio Robles & Michelle di Monte

+ Home made empanadas all night

+ Full bar open

+ Hand piped churros


Robles Friday Milonga


The New Robles For Ever!

There is vast couple dance Melbourne history in this magnificent Salon.

Every Friday for 22 years Robles Dance Bar has been opening its doors to the Melbourne Tango community, bringing the colour, warmth, magic of Buenos Aires to Melbourne.

Fabio’s Fab Friday Milonga is known for its relaxed, fun atmosphere. We have a different DJs every Friday,

BYO drinks. Regardless if you are a dancer or you just like to listen to the music that became a world phenomenon, we will be there on Friday. See you on the dance floor Fabio Robles and Michelle Di Monte

Open Tango Workshops

Couples will be working under the Independent Creative Learning* guidelines  This style of teaching allows for students to learn at their own pace, generally set out by the fastest learners. In an Open tango workshop like this, the student can learn up to 5 advanced combinations of minimum 4 bars of music each.

Within these combinations the student is exposed to the main components of the dance, eg; Giros*, Boleos*, Planeos*, Cortes*, Corridas* etc, and how all these components are placed following or preceding any given movement.

These combinations are taught with music interpretation and positioning in relation to line of dance* in a Milonga* scenario.

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