The Tanguera – Sidewalk Tango, Level I & II

February 10, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
327 Swan St
Richmond VIC 3121
$ 20.00 ea or various multiple options

Level I

Suitable for those new to tango or wanting to brush up on their technique and would like to revisit the basics or those who have taken a few tango classes but may be unfamiliar with teaching at The Tangueria

Level II

You are comfortable with concept of leading and following and have an understanding of the underlying tango structure and grasped the giro (circle) step.

The unique role of leader and follower, incorporating walking, balance, posture and technique for tango movement.  Basic musicality and an introduction to improvisation is taught.  Vocabulary includes the cruzada, (followers cross); tango walk; forward and backward ochos, basic floor craft, plus the purpose and fun of adornments.

During this level you will be encouraged to attend regular practice sessions at a “ Practica”  to sharpen your tango skills in a social environment. You will find this will escalate your progress. During the lessons tango and social dancing etiquette will be introduced.

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