Robles Tango Intermediate/Advanced

February 1, 2019 @ 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Robles Dance Studio, lvl1
341 Lygon St
Carlton VIC 3053
$ 20.00
Fabio Robles

Tango Intermediate/Advanced

In this class we focus on becoming a good dancer at the MILONGAS.
Leaders learn to maintain composure throughout the 4 songs in a TANDA so that they don’t run out of steam or steps by the second song.
Leaders learn to not think steps but to flow with the music, to find that mental space where you are MILONGUEANDO. By maintaining this state of mind the leader can dance all night and make all the followers feel confortable and safe in their ABRAZO.
Followers will practice footwork and styling whilst moving in complete harmony with the leader, the followers feet, legs and posture play a big role in the elegant aesthetics of the TANGO.
The best followers in the world are able to move exactly like every leader they dance with by adapting their movement each time, this is called ENTREGARSE.
In this class we practice, musicality on VALS, MILONGA, TANGO and we practice techniques such as SACADAS, BOLEOS, COLGADAS, BARRIDAS and sometimes the odd GANCHO for Fun!

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